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Why I won’t write the copy for this page…

Here is the deal….I spend a considerable amount of time on my latest ventures but do carve out some time for public appearances and speeches. I LOVE speaking publically. Maybe it is because I like to meet new people, maybe it is because I have a short attention span, or maybe, just maybe, I was not paid enough attention to as a kid.

Whatever the reason, it is incredibly satisfying speaking in front of both large and small groups.

That said, I HATE the whole PR, pitch your services stuff. So here is what someone wrote. (just so you don’t think I speak in third person). – Fred Rewey

Fred Rewey: Speaking At Your Next Event.

Fred has been a member of the National Speakers Association for over a decade.

In that time he has spoken in front of thousands of people on a variety of typically entrepreneurial topics as well as released his best selling book, Winning the Cash Flow War (Wiley 2005) – a book written to help younger people start off financially sound and pursue their passions.

You may have seen him on television or read his latest book. In any case, Fred is a bit unique when it comes to presenting.

Fred Rewey is an accomplished speaker and instructor; his knowledge of business, technology, and the financial world makes him an ideal speaker for your next function.

Fred combines humor, real world knowledge, and a road map for everyone to follow. Choose from the topics below, or contact me for a presentation personalized for your audience.

Fred’s most popular topics…

Playground Rules…

Forget what you learned in school, real world marketing is won by “playground rules”. This session helps you learn to discern between “theory” and “real-world-kick-butt-take-no-prisoners-winning.” Separate fact from hype when it comes to the internet, branding, and marketing to your customers. Learn how your competition may be your best marketing tool if used properly and how to identify your real marketing position. If you are not aware of this information, you can bet that your competition is.

Seven Steps to Being a True Entrepreneurial…

We have all heard of someone “breaking through to the other side” and finding a place in the world of self-employment. Fred discuses in depth the four ways to make money – and you must be involved in at least one of these ways. Learn how to separate real opportunities from programs and scams that will just waste your money. Whether you are looking for part-time income or a full time job change; learn what steps you can take now to better educate yourself for a rewarding journey to entrepreneurial-ism.

Expanding the Entrepreneurial Mindset…

Forget thinking “outside the box”. If you are a corporation trying to maintain the competitive edge by empowering employees to break the mold and foster an environment that breeds innovative ideas – this is the workshop for you. Fred helps people to realize their “external” and “internal” customer needs, create a vested interest among employees, and with humor, education, and live brainstorming people learn how to tap into hidden talents and move their businesses forward.

Be the Lime… Coming Soon.

No two presentations are exactly alike!

Each of Fred’s speaking engagements are personalized to the group. This insures that your company, group, audience, gets the most out of the session. Contact Fred for a free consulting session to see how he might make your next event the one everyone remembers most!

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