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Exposure One Online MarketingWho in their right mind would start an online marketing company?

The fact of the matter is that I got sick of calling my web “guru” all the time.

Sure I could say I always had an interest in computers (which I did) or I could say that I loved graphic design (which I do). To be frank, neither of those interests led to Exposure One.

What did lead to create Exposure One was my getting sick of calling a “web person” every time I wanted to launch a new project or company.

Want a new picture? Call the web person. Update an article? Call the web person. Try to get my site up in the rankings? Definitely call the web person.

Each of those calls cost me money, and time.

Years later, Exposure One has become a full force in helping individuals and companies get found online and I am incredibly proud of the team we have built.

The best part is that we made the services affordable.

Too many people are out there pitching the Internet as some intangible force that you need a wizard (and thousands or dollars) to get results. This is pretty much outright B.S.

We have clients that tell us we should be charging more, that we over deliver. Well, they are right on both counts and I am ok with that.

I created Exposure One to not only help people obtain a great online presence, I also wanted them to have control.

Fred Rewey
Founder, Exposure One

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